Start where you are.

Listen to the space in each in and out breath.

Pause in this moment, this conversation between you and your body. 

Are you listening?

This body, this mind needs you to focus on what makes you be. Little pleasures shape our being. 


These are some of my little pleasures, to be:

a morning walk to the farmer’s market.
coffee and pastry to sit and people watch.
making myself a fresh juice made of leafy greens, ginger and turmeric.
finding playlists filled with deep beats. 
movement: walking, yoga, stretching
lighting incense to ground me
a book to read
a quiet sit in the sauna
a warm cup of herbs
snuggling into a fluffy bed of linen


As you go about your day, notice the patterns. They may be silly mundane things but they all flow together. 

What makes you be? Please share with me. 


Anne Wu